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High Altitude Fitness

HighLives has put together a very concise introduction on the things you need to know before considering whether to undertake fitness activities at high altitude.

HighlivesPrice: From £2000 per person

HighLives offers tailor-made opportunities to enhance your fitness at high altitude.

Also, if you are serious about getting into a rigorous fitness regime and staying at high altitude destinations for longer periods, HighLives can help you organise these activities.

Fitness options

        > Inca hiking trails

        > Mountain biking

        > Mountaineering

        > Gymnasium and fitness class access.

        > Golf

        > Rock climbing

        > Yoga/pilates retreats

When you first arrive at a higher altitude, you cannot expect that your fitness level will be the same as it was at sea level. It is important not to overdo things and take things easy initially to allow your body to adjust for the first 24-48 hours.

The physical benefits of spending time at altitude, once acclimatised, are significant when a person returns to sea level. The body becomes accustomed to operating efficiently using smaller amounts of oxygen when at high altitude. Once returned to lower altitudes, where significantly more oxygen is available in the atmosphere, the body’s ability to intake and process oxygen during exercise is greatly enhanced resulting in significant gains in aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels.

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