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Bolivian Amazon

The Bolivian Amazon is one of Bolivia's highlights: think winding rivers populated by pink dolphins, alligators and piranha fish. Witness countless exotic birds, monkeys, sloths and capybara, explore sandy beaches where turtles lay their eggs, be amazed at ancient trees towering over thousands of plant varieties and meet isolated communities of people that make their living along the banks.

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The Bolivian Amazon presents many opportunities for the curious visitor to discover its many treasures, visiting either jungle or pampas. The adventure starts as you fly over the Andes down to the tropical towns of Trinidad or Rurrenabaque. You can choose to stay in comfortable hotels in one of the towns or to adventure deeper into the interior to stay in ecolodges, such as Chalalan.

A visit will provide countless opportunities to see the hugely diverse animal and plant life. Activities include canoeing, swimming, horseback riding, jungle walks, piranha fishing and meeting the people living along the river banks. 

The best time to view the animals is early morning along the river banks or late at night in the jungle. Spend lazy afternoons in your ecolodge and take a late afternoon boat trip before watching the sunset.

This experience can be undertaken on its own or combined with any of our other experiences.



  • Day 1: Flight to Rurrenabaque
    Flight to Rurrenabaque (45 minutes from La Paz), then embark on a 5 hour boat trip towards Chalalan ecolodge, sailing along the Tuichi and Beni rivers. The journey is a great way to see the Bala Canyon and have your first encounter with the Madidi rainforest.
  • Day 2: Chalalan Ecolodge
    Morning guided walk along the Tapacare trail or another of similar length where you can see and learn about the forest and the wildlife surrounding you. You will learn about natural history, ecological processes, medicinal plants, hardwood trees and animal behaviour and will enjoy some bird and mammal watching. After lunch, relax in a hammock or swim in Lake Chalalán. Take a short walk along one of the nearby trails. Optional activities: handicrafts, canoeing, watching films about the community and the Madidi National Park.
  • Day 3: Chalalan Ecolodge
    A two-hour walk through the forest to identify native plant species such as the bibosi, the coquino, ochoó, peloto, patujú. You may also spot squirrels and howler monkeys along the way.
  • Day 4: Return by boat to Rurrenabaque
    Return by boat to Rurrenabaque (only 3 hours this time, subject to the boat availability and flight times). HighLives can help you arrange visits deeper into the Amazon region, such as birdwatching expeditions, rainforest treks, motor boat journeys and stays in jungle lodges. Contact us for more information.
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